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Good Finance offers non-bank lending services to all residents of Latvia that meet the company’s requirements. This lending platform is owned by SIA “Creamfinance Latvia” (formerly “MD Investīcijas”), which also operates under the brand name Crediton in Latvia, but has been expanding its activities beyond the borders of our country for several years. The company is licensed by the Consumer Rights and Protection Center (CRPC), the oversight body for the non-bank lending sector.

Good Finance has gained more visibility because of its desire to focus directly on its female audience, but men can also lend. Along with companies like ondo or viasm that offer short term loans, lady loan offers the opportunity to apply for a credit line. For new clients who want to borrow for the first time, better terms may be available (promotions change regularly).

We have made payday loans direct lenders easy

It should be born in mind that a payday loan direct lender can be applied for 24 hours a day, but it can only be obtained during business hours. Good Finance is open weekdays from 8 am to 2 pm 22.00, and on weekends from. 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 8 pm If you have any questions regarding obtaining or repaying a loan, you can resolve it by sending an email to info at Good Finance-en, by phone or by filling out an online contact form.

For the convenience of its customers, the company has accounts with four credit institutions (Swedbank, Citadele, Luminor and Norvik Banks), which allow customers of these banks to receive money as quickly as possible.

The exact cost of the loan is always reflected in the loan agreement

The exact cost of the loan is always reflected in the loan agreement

And the terms and conditions can be consulted before signing the agreement in the Standard Information section. For people who are having trouble paying off their loan on time, Good Finance gives you the option of extending your credit for a fee. To use this option, you must transfer the required amount of money to the lender’s bank account, while providing the necessary details on the payment order.

If the Good Finance credit is not repaid on a long-term basis and the customer does not avail of the option to extend the term, default interest will be charged. Further, the recovery of the money is entrusted to the debt collectors or the court.

To protect other businesses from unscrupulous customers

A borrower who has long-overdue credit payments is included in debtors’ records.

To borrow at Good Finance you must be at least 20 years old, have your own bank account and access to online banking. You also need a mobile phone and 1 cent in your account to verify your profile. Since fast loans are a real financial obligation, carefully consider repayment options before borrowing. Act responsibly.

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