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Social crypto trading platform for transparent and profitable trading

MOSCOW, RUSSIA / ACCESSWIRE / May 6, 2021 / True P&L will hold its planned dual IDO on Duckstarter and Poolz Finance on May 18th. In addition to IDOs, there will also be an IEO on

Incubated by DuckDao, True P&L is led by a team of executives who have already had successful exits. Their private raise was oversubscribed by 20X. Some of their funders include Blocksync Ventures, AU21, Lotus Capital and

True P&L (also True PNL) is a public rating and social cryptocurrency trading platform created to address the lack of transparency on copy trading platforms. A common issue on copy trading platforms is incorrect reporting of trading performance.

True PNL aims to solve this problem by getting live data from traders’ accounts, making it easy for investors to check their performance. Investors and other traders can accurately check their performance in real time.

Why a real P&L?

True P & L’s working model is different from other copy trading platforms. It allows traders and investors to engage or interact to strengthen the crypto community, not just to mimic trades.

Unlike other copy trading platforms, True P&L offers ease of trading for traders of all skill levels, with an added social component. Traders can share their strategies and technical analysis with the community and collaborate with traders and investors in a transparent way.

As a public rating platform, True P&L helps traders and investors connect to transact profitably in a transparent manner. The platform itself is secure, as API keys are only used to generate reports from the merchant accounts where all funds are held.

The platform’s goal is to democratize crypto trading by creating an interactive community of traders and providing non-custodial asset management via API keys. The statistical data available on the platform enables investors to make informed and data-driven decisions when copying trades.

In the same vein, traders will be able to conduct in-depth research with advanced analytical tools to come up with more profitable and tested strategies. Traders with consistent profits will gain a lot of followers, which means more income, through passive income over time.

Even more, the True P&L platform rewards profitable traders by sharing their trades through the API connection. This allows users to spot traders with a history of successful trades and copy their trades with one click. The platform allows users to connect using popular cryptocurrency exchanges, including BitMEX and Binance.

How it works

The cryptocurrency market is volatile, and that can be a good thing or a bad thing in and of itself, depending on the direction of the market. Yet the fact remains that crypto trading can be a scary place for most beginners with little to no experience.

By definition, crypto trading would require at least a good understanding of fundamental and technical analysis. It’s not news that learning crypto trading isn’t an easy task, not to mention the fact that it can be overwhelming and intimidating. I thought it doesn’t need to be when working with the help of the auto trading system. With this setup, beginners can.

True P&L creates advanced trading robots that follow technical analysis trading logic, test their past performance, adjust parameters regarding current market conditions and fully control its execution.

Traders can visit and choose a bot to connect via API keys. Once the bot is linked to the trader’s trading account, it can start trading immediately.

Bots are equipped with reliable signals through TradingView, good risk management (using stop-loss and take-profit) and profitable order execution through commissions and low slippage.

On True P&L, users can follow traders with a successful trading history over a long period. This is possible thanks to the asset management APIs; Once a trader signs up on the platform, they connect their exchange to the NLP platform through read-only API keys.

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