Black Dragon (BDGR) “Black Dracos Tokens” Trade on Dex-Trade Platform

DALLAS, TX, April 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Black Dragon Resource Companies, Inc. (OTC Pink: BDGR) (“The Company”) is proud to announce the start of trading of Black Dracos tokens on the Dex-Trade platform.

Today, Black Dragon Resources, (BDGR) successfully launched its cryptocurrency tokens for trading on the Dex-Trade trading platform:

“In line with our goal to expand our business relationship, we are pleased to add as our second platform for our community. This trading pair will be BDGR/USDT, which will add arbitrage opportunities to the current liquidity. We plan to add Bitcoin, Ethereum and Matic pairs in the coming quarters, explained Mr.VakserCEO.

About BDGR:

Black Dragon Resource Companies, Inc. is a distributor of rare art via blockchain-based technologies, or NFT (Non-Fungible Token). The company is proud to own the exclusive ownership and distribution rights to the world’s most exclusive art from the most famous artists from the Renaissance period and the platform to share ownership of individual arts via technology blockchain-based. The company’s goal is to share rare and exclusive works of art with more people in order to inspire humanity to greater achievements, expanding the potential of ownership. Art only has value if people can see it, own it, own it.

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Contact: Edward Vakser [email protected]

Dex Trade:

Phone: (214)-418-6940

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Where to trade BDGR tokens

*As a US citizen, you do not need to submit KYC @ these exchanges, however, you are limited to one $45,000 withdrawal limit per day. Both Bilaxy and Dex-Trade allow unlimited deposits of multiple tokens, but do not accept fiat deposits.

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