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BluJay Solutions, a Leading Global Supply Chain Software and Services Provider, Announces the Launch of the Augmented Global Trade (AGT) Platform, a Multi-Tenant SaaS Platform that Enhances and Automates End-to-End end customs and compliance requirements for international trade. For logistics service providers, carriers and shippers handling complex customs declarations, as well as shippers who need to assert control over a network of brokers and forwarders, BluJay’s Augmented Global Trade platform streamlines the flow. work, reduces risks and speeds up the efficiency of international trade operations.

BluJay’s Augmented Global Commerce Platform leverages the company’s innovative ‘augmented intelligence’ to complement users, making experienced traders even more efficient while giving new users the tools to be more efficient, more efficient. quickly.

“Our new Augmented Global Trade platform is designed to increase user input and intelligence, providing an actionable customs and compliance workflow with dashboard visibility from a single user experience” , said David Landau, product manager at BluJay Solutions. “BluJay’s AGT offers an advantage to companies looking to digitize and consolidate the typically manual and disconnected processes and multiple systems associated with managing cross-border commerce. “

Nicolas Ethevenin, Director of Product Management, adds that AGT is scalable, providing flexibility to customers. “In addition to organizing workflows, BluJay’s AGT platform is designed to connect external partners, systems and processes. This allows our clients to adapt to changing requirements and scale, while reducing errors, delays and fines that can prove costly to their bottom line.

BluJay’s AGT platform provides intuitive automation with purpose-built solutions and real-time connectivity to business partners on a single platform. Among the applications hosted on the AGT platform are:

Command Center – a new actionable dashboard that provides visibility into the status of customs and compliance of international shipments. The merchant control tower, Command Center, displays color-coded alerts that allow users to spot potential issues before they arise and take action directly from the alert. Trigger the creation of a declaration with a single click and shipping, segment, main part and item data are consolidated into a unified

Customs Schema (UCS) message transformed into a declaration within the AGT or sent to a third party for processing.

Global Trade Item Master – a new solution to extend and customize data to support trade compliance, with support for out-of-the-box data sets for global trade and customs declarations and the ability to record country-level data elements, including classification codes and customer-specific data. Global

The central repository specially designed by Trade Item Master allows users to easily store and communicate data in a manner that is consistent and usable for the parties involved.

Smart Classification – a new tool to streamline the laborious task of classifying products with any combination of three automation strategies: HS Quick Classification, Rule Classification, or Keyword Classification. With Smart Classification, users avoid costly delays and fines associated with incorrect classification.

Customs Management-Global – BluJay’s multi-country electronic customs declaration solution with an auto-updating compliance engine and coverage for over 20 countries, with new procedures included in every major version of the software. Customs Management-ZABIS®, electronics from BluJay,

The NCTS certified customs solution in Germany is also accessible from CM-Global and AGT compatible.

Restricted Party Filtering – an application to perform compliance checks through Transactional Point Filtering or Automated Community Filtering, which monitors content and master data changes.

“We are delighted to see customers benefit from even greater efficiency by utilizing the full range of capabilities available in BluJay’s augmented global commerce,” said Ethevenin.

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