CarOffer and the Asbury team to develop a vehicle trading platform within the group



PLANO, Texas –

Teams from CarOffer and Asbury Automotive Group have collaborated to create a group trading platform that allows dealers in the same group to buy, sell and trade vehicles with each other, thereby tailoring the distribution of vehicles. stocks to the specific needs of individual stores within the group.

CarOffer’s group commerce platform gives dealers the ability to use the CarOffer Matrix platform and do so from a multi-store perspective.

Asbury, who brought the idea for the platform to CarOffer seven months ago and worked with the company to develop it, will be among the first groups to enroll their dealers in the platform.

“At Asbury, we are committed to evolving the automotive retail experience using the most innovative and performance-driven solutions available,” said Asbury President and CEO David Hult, in a press release.

“The CarOffer Group Trade platform streamlines vehicle sourcing and brings the much needed simplicity and optimization to the inventory process,” said Hult. “This allows our dealers to maintain a smooth inventory without raising a hand to bid on a vehicle or without focusing on serving our customers. “

The platform is designed to facilitate automated, real-time offerings within the group at the time of valuation on all stocks in the group, CarOffer said. Groups can manage offers centrally or at the store level. In addition, CarOffers will streamline logistics and inter-group sales invoices.

Beyond the dealer group aspect, if stores that are not part of the same dealer group wish to use the platform for private exchanges between them – dealers from the same 20 groups, for example – the platform group trading can be customized for this purpose.

In the statement, CarOffer Founder and CEO Bruce Thompson said, “We believe our new group commerce platform is a breakthrough for the industry.

“We have taken the power of the purchasing matrix and integrated it at the group level so that groups can maximize their purchasing power and optimize demand for vehicles among stores. This creates opportunities for profitability and scalability that have never been seen before, and we are delighted that Asbury is leveraging this tool in all of its stores. “


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