Financial market

Financial market

Automated Forex Trading Tools – Publication of the Best Report on the Financial Market Platform

Waz Digital showcases the latest Forex trading technology with the release of a new report and video from Profit Now, showing how automation is changing the face of financial markets, making them more accessible to people looking to benefit from the. currency arbitrage.

Waz Digital has released a new report on Profit Now and the Manifest FX automated forex trading platform with AI trader support. The report provides an overview of new forex education packages that provide traders with the knowledge, skills and technology to benefit from currency spreads and other strategies.

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The new report aims to give aspiring and experienced forex traders around the world access to an education and trading platform that helps them bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world trading skills. Every day, Forex traders generate more than $ 6.5 trillion in transactions, drawing on real-time information on macroeconomic statistics, financial market performance, information on trade agreements and political developments.

Profit Now offers three training courses: Trading Basics, Technical Trading, and Strategic Trading. These courses are supported by live training and help participants identify the right trades, avoid common pitfalls, and understand technical terms that could help them make profitable trades.

New Profit Now report highlights the 24/7 accessibility of the forex market and showcases Manifest FX learning and trading packages that include access to a forex and crypto academy. currency, harmonics scanner and live trading sessions with Master Traders. The main sessions cover Crypto Trading, Wealth Generation Strategies, Binary Options Trading, Swing Trading, Harmonics, Indices, and Precious Metals.

Through the Manifest FX forex platform, Profit Now offers participants access to AI trading robots that support trading decisions. Traders can choose to generate income by focusing on trading and earning rewards through a well structured referral program. Participants receive three free trading strategies when they open their account and can reinvest their commissions in the market.

According to a spokesperson for Profit Now, “Sign up for free to access inside where you can see everything going on inside our platform. Start trading yourself, log in to AI bot picks, or log in to our live trading training – the options are endless.

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Financial market

Dubai financial market transactions soar after commission cancellation

The number of transactions on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) jumped more than 160%, a day after the exchange waived the minimum trading commission.

The total number of transactions on Wednesday reached 6,739 transactions, the highest number of daily transactions since the start of this year, DFM said in a statement. This compares to the 2,579 transactions on Tuesday.

The number of transactions today is also up 146% from the Year’s Cumulative Average (YTD) of 2,740.

The general DFM index had gained 13.6 points (0.50 percent) to 2,916.60 points, at the close of trade, bringing its YTD gains to 17 percent.

The DFM’s decision to forgo the minimum trading commission is part of ongoing efforts to boost retailer participation in the market. The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) has also removed minimum commission charges for listed securities effective today.

(Written by Brinda Darasha; edited by Daniel Luiz)

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Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. The Content does not provide any tax, legal or investment advice or opinion regarding the suitability, value or profitability of any particular security, portfolio or investment strategy. Read our full disclaimer here.

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Financial market

Political and economic data – main factors of financial market volatility

Chris Harmse

In a week of numerous political changes in South Africa, along with expectations of economic data and falling precious metal prices, stock prices on the JSE have moved a lot and remained volatile, while the rand s ‘is strongly depreciated on Friday.

The two main factors were Tito Mboweni’s resignation as finance minister, and the appointment of new finance minister, Enoch Godongwana, in his place and the release of the latest US employment data on Friday.

Godongwana’s appointment as the new finance minister will draw some criticism, given his experience as deputy economic development minister in 2012 and his resignation at the time after allegations of fraud. His resignation was due to outrage in government circles over his involvement in a company that allegedly defrauded workers at a R100 million garment factory out of their pension fund money. The financial markets are therefore to some extent skeptical of his appointment.

The rand lost about 40 cents against the dollar in the 24 hours after his appointment and traded late Friday night around R14.63 to the dollar. Against the pound, the currency traded on Friday alone, 21 cents lower on R20.29 and lost 25c against the euro, to trade at R17.21. This after the currency saw a strong rally in the first four days of the week, with the rand trading against the dollar at a time as strong as Rand 14.29.

Godongwana is a leading figure in the ANC on economic policy. He has headed the ANC’s Economic Transformation Committee for over a decade and served as Chairman of the Development Bank of Southern Africa.

Godongwana is seen as the one who frequently tries to persuade his colleagues to make pragmatic and market-friendly decisions. Therefore, we have to believe that the new Minister of Finance will not play partisan politics by favoring civil servants with unnecessary salary increases, the nationalization of the SA Reserve Bank and other big bailouts for state-owned enterprises.

Time will tell and financial markets and domestic and global investors will watch it closely. Dare we say it won’t abuse the gold super-cycle tax revenues from booming mining and agricultural exports.

In financial markets, gold and platinum prices fell during the week over fears that the Delta variant of the Covid-19 virus will continue to haunt countries in Asia and Europe. The price of gold has fallen from over $ 60 (R878) to $ 1,762 and the price of platinum from $ 64 to $ 975 an ounce. Instead, investors turned to the dollar and US stocks on Wall Street. This positive sentiment towards the United States strengthened on Friday after the release of better-than-expected employment data. The US unemployment rate was also lower than expected.

Last week, on the JSE, the all-stock index traded down 0.4%, while the Industrial 25 index lost 1.4%, following a massive sell-off by heavyweights Naspers, as well as stronger rand, most of the week.

Financials gained 5.1%, mainly due to the initial currency appreciation and trade in listed real estate up 2.6%. The Resources 10 index lost 1.9%. In the capital markets, investors played the card of caution and sold part of their bond holdings. The R186 short-term bond fell 0.5%, with the rate falling from 7.34% to 7.38%.

Next week, investors and analysts will focus on releasing South Africa’s manufacturing and mining production data for June.

Sacci will also release its latest Business Confidence Index.

In global markets, all attention will be on the announcement of the latest US inflation rate for July, as well as weekly unemployment data on Thursday.

Germany will release its trade balance and the UK will release its preliminary gross domestic product growth figure for the second quarter of 2012 and its trade balance for June.

Chris Harmse is the economist at CH Economics.


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Financial market

Fiscal consolidation commitment keeps investors in financial markets

Investors’ position in the financial market remains unchanged

The position of investors in the financial market remains unchanged, as the government, through the mid-year budget review, has committed to return to fiscal consolidation. Investors, in their anticipation, assessed the economy’s worst-case scenario. However, the result for the first half of 2021 suggests a favorable budgetary situation, in the middle of the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

Provisional fiscal data from the 2021 Mid-Fiscal Policy Review revealed the government’s commitment to fiscal consolidation, as data from January to June 2021 show an overall budget deficit of $ 22.32 billion. GH ¢, or 5.1% of GDP, compared to a programmed target. of GH ¢ 22.73 billion, 5.2% of GDP.

Databank Research senior analyst Courage Kingsley Martey said in an interview with the B&FT that this indicates investors prefer to stay overweight Ghana Government Bonds (GHGBs) given that the market’s pre-budget stance is already assessed in a worse tax situation. results.

“Investors were not shaken by the mid-year budget review, as we saw no transactions or adverse reactions to the mid-year budget review. In fact, it appears that the general expectation was the worst-case scenario where the budget result for the first half of the year would be an unfavorable result, ”said Martey.

He added: “We have seen some large investors prefer to remain overweight Ghana Government Bonds (GHGBs) as the market’s pre-budget stance was already predicting a worse budget outcome, which did not exactly materialize from the start. ‘review presented. “

Republic Investment Managing Director Madeline Nettey also shared the same point of view in an interview with B&FT, stating; in general, there were not many changes before and after the mid-year budget reading, as the budget did not call for additional spending.

“I want to believe in part that this budget does not call for additional spending. Even more, we have seen that inflation is moving around the same parameters. So that in itself also did not push any reaction in any direction, nor to upward or downward.

“More often than not, investors react immediately to changes in the monetary policy rate. However, we do not anticipate any change in the TPM given the position and outlook for headline inflation. This should prevent the market from making any major changes, all of them. things being equal, ”she said.

Although the government raised the primary deficit target from 1.3 percent in the original budget to 2 percent in the revised budget, financing or borrowing needs have remained unchanged from the original plans of late.

Commenting on this, Mr Martey said: “This tells you that the government is signaling a commitment to fiscal consolidation despite the risk of a revenue shortfall. interest expense in order to leave borrowing requirements unchanged.

Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta, in his presentation to Parliament, said the government remains fully committed to meeting the budget deficit target of 9.5% of gross domestic product (GDP) for this year, aimed at returning to the Fiscal Responsibility Act (FRA), by 2024.

During the period, the government embarked on a frontloading of its financing requirement, signaling a much lower financing requirement in the second half of the year.

“The market rightly saw this signal, so trading continued without major budget disruption. the second half of the year to partially mitigate any shortfall, ”said Mr. Martey.

The stock of public debt, as a percentage of GDP, rose from 76.1% at end-December 2020 to 77.1% of GDP at end-June 2021, including bailouts in the financial and energy sectors.

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Financial market

TigerWit Africa trains 840 Nigerians in PH financial market

Rebecca Ejifoma

Determined to bridge the knowledge gap in the financial market, a brokerage firm that offers Forex, TigerWit Africa, successfully trained more than 840 Nigerians during a two-week workshop in Port Harcourt, the capital of the Rivers State.

The two-week training, facilitated by TigerWit Africa Education Officer Mr. Davies Babalola and his team through TigerWit Academy, aimed to prevent Nigerians from losing income in this time of bleeding economy and global pandemic.

In an interview with THISDAY, Babalola said that TigerWit Academy is passionate about helping people after noticing a lack of knowledge in the industry.

“A lot of people are losing money blindly, which is pointless. If we can help them negotiate longer, we can be assured of a sustained long-term customer base, a win-win situation, ”he added.

According to the education official, a good thing is that at times like this, COVID-19 has taught us “that you can’t depend on just one source of income; you need a source of income that is not dependent on your nation’s economy ”.

The forex expert also lamented the deterioration of the naira while conceding that “we are in a very difficult situation. Just because the naira is going bad doesn’t mean the whole world is too.

“So can we take advantage of technology? COVID-19 has taught us that if the whole world is on lockdown not everyone can get out, how do we make money and feed ourselves? “

During the heat of the chaotic foreclosure, Babalola confirmed that Forex trading has the biggest Google search keywords. “Look for like online Forex trading, home trading, digital marketing. It was what everyone did.

He did, however, list some advantages of forex trading. “You don’t have overhead. All you need is to create an account with your broker and then put in $ 100 or $ 200.

To start the business, the expert said you need a laptop, a mobile phone that you use for WhatsApp and be over 18. unnecessary overheads, no staff payments, ”suggesting that some of them are even doing much better than the banks can give them in a year.

According to him, we know that the interest rates on bank term deposits are not attractive enough. “This is not the case in Forex; you become profitable from the start.

“However, we have dissuaded newbies from making big profits. Two, three, or five percent on a monthly basis is fine for you, not 20 or 30 percent. Let it compose for six months or a year, you will see quite a game change. “

With half of the total participants as women, the education officer described women as very enterprising. Others included retirees, retirees and students.

TigerWit Academy not only equipped beneficiaries and packed their bags, it also created a social media account as a tracking mechanism.

In his words: “We have organized webinars for them; we have a fully configured online academy, so we give them login access that they can log into and continue studying at their convenience.

Babalola, however, has given newbies the confidence that when they try it for themselves, they can grow taller. “You will fall and get up again, but with the knowledge you have gained. “

The company also awarded $ 1,750 to three participants to encourage them to get into trading. While the first finalist received $ 1,000, the second and third received $ 500 and $ 250 respectively.

“They won a draw. This is a clear indication that tigerwit is intentionally determined to see Nigerians succeed, ”he said.

According to Babalola, TigerWit Academy had its eyes on Port Harcourt following the recent fallout from a Ponzi scheme. “A lot of people have lost tons of money, people are suffering and yet they believe they can still do this job.”

The academy therefore enabled participants to learn about trading on their own rather than handing over their money to people who defrauded them. “This is the paradigm shift we gave them.”

After two weeks of knowledge sharing, Babalola claimed they had stayed behind. “We continued to train people morning and evening, having two sessions per day; morning for the non-working class, evening was for those who worked.

While acknowledging that the program has had an impact, Babalola is excited to spread it across the country. “We have a system in place that will sort of make it work automatically. That’s why we set up the online academy, which we rely on to tour. “

After empowering the residents of Port-Harcourt, TigerWit Academy replicates the same thing in Abuja, then in Uyo, the capital of Akwa-Ibom state.

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Financial market

The number of desktop computer users in financial markets rose to 1.7 million in 2020 – Stable growth expected in 2021

“The desktop is evolving and should no longer be seen as a one-size-fits-all terminal that sits on a desk in the office,” says Adler smith, analyst at Burton-Taylor. “The desktop should be designed for new users entering the financial industry, those who know at least one programming language and want a high degree of openness, flexibility and inoperability in the solutions they use. In many ways, 2020 has accelerated. this transition by placing more emphasis on the technological component of the workstation. “

Burton-Taylor predicts that office space will grow steadily in the range of 3-4% for 2021. The report predicts that the majority of new growth will come from investment banking, corporate wealth management. businesses and individuals, as office providers tailor their solutions to meet needs. users in particular areas.

The 34-page Burton-Taylor 2021 Financial Market Desktops: Evolve to meet changing customer needs report is available for immediate download by Burton-Taylor Research members via the website. The report can also be purchased here, or by contacting [email protected], +1 646 225-6696.

About Burton-Taylor International Consulting (

Burton-Taylor International Consulting, part of the TP ICAP group, is the recognized leader in market research, strategy and business consulting in the information industry. Burton-Taylor Exchange, Index, Market Data and Media Intelligence, PR share figures are considered the industry benchmark globally. For more information see

About TP ICAP (

TP ICAP brings together buyers and sellers in the global financial, energy and commodities markets. It is the largest wholesale market intermediary in the world, with a portfolio of companies that provide brokerage services, data and analysis and market intelligence that customers around the world trust. We operate from offices in 31 countries, supporting award-winning brokers with cutting-edge technology. For more information see

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