CENN Stock Forecast: CENN Remains Stable, Will It Go Up or Down?

Cenn Stock Forecast: Highlights
June 23, 2022 – Cenn Stock Forecast: The Global Outlook is Negative

Latest CENNs share price

Metric Assess Orientation
Share volume 3M Lower
Term P/E (1 year) N / A N / A

CENN Stock Forecast: Performance Summary

last 5 days YTD
NNEC +15.6% -63.1%
MULN +43.9% -72.4%

CENN Stock Market Forecast: CrowdWisdom360-Insights

Cenntro announced an agreement with Princeton NuEnergy for the recycling of lithium-ion batteries. It is unlikely to add significant value to the stock price

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CENN Stock Forecast: Technical Analysis

Cenntro Electric Group Stock Forecast: Google Search Analysis

Search volumes for CENN increase on announcement of new partnership.

Cenntro Stock Predictions: Latest Tweets and News

Originally tweeted by Mike (@hoping2retire) on June 13, 2022.

$CENN Bloomberg listed Cenntro ER for 6/14/22. Etrade listed it for 6/15/22. Nothing listed on the official Cenntro website. Hope one is correct.

CENN Stock Forecast: CENN Increases 2.4% in Premarket Trading, Announces Agreement with Princeton NuEnergy to Recycle Lithium-Ion Batteries

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CENN Action: sentiment analysis

Day Last 7 days Last 24 hours Orientation
Social Media Net Sentiment +10.8% +2.9% Lower

CENN Action: Momentum Summary

Indicators Orientation
market wisdom Negative
Volume Lower
Performance vs Benchmark (last 5 days) Lower
Technical recommendation To buy
wisdom of the crowd Negative
Google Search Lower
Social Media Sentiment Lower

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-Rakesh Atla

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Cenn Stock Forecast

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