Cross-border commerce platform Shypmax enters into partnership with Netherlands-based B2C Europe

Technology logistics platform Shiplite’s cross-border trading platform, Shypmax, has entered into an exclusive partnership with the Netherlands-based B2C Europe company, a statement said on Wednesday.

B2C Europe is part of Maersk and specializes in business-to-consumer parcel delivery services in Europe.

The collaboration will allow Indian companies to cost-effectively deliver their products to customers based in Europe, including the UK, using a one-stop-shop platform, Shipmax said.

As part of this collaboration, Indian businesses, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Direct to Consumer Sales (D2C), Business to Consumers (B2C) and e-commerce businesses, from over 27,000 PIN codes, can deliver any product. in European markets and beyond via Shypmax.

Shypmax said it is committed to increasing shipping efficiency, automated logistics and a one-stop-shop platform for global trade with this partnership.

The company aims to capture 70% of the global e-commerce shipping market in India within three years, he said.

Nischal Jaain, Founder and Managing Partner of Shyplite, said: “We are happy to have been able to partner with B2C Europe as it will help our customers in India to rapidly develop their goods business in Europe with much more enthusiasm, without having to worry about delays, compliance issues, surprise penalties and supply chain shocks related to cross-border transportation. ” With an end-to-end tracking facility for customers, ” our services are sustainable, cost effective and simplified, ” he added.

The platform automates the processes related to compliance with the regulations in force in the European Union.

As India’s first One-Stop Import Ready (IOSS) facility to enable centralized VAT reporting and payment by European customers at the point of sale, Shypmax takes the hassle out of Indian businesses and European customers. related to navigation through different tax systems in Europe, he said.

Services also include personalized labels, pickup, packaging and door-to-door delivery via more than 100 carriers connected across Europe and beyond by B2C Europe.

Stating that high logistics costs have always been a drag for Indian businesses, Jaain said, “There are around two lakhs of merchants, including thousands of D2C companies, that ship to Europe.” The annual gross value of goods (GMV) is set at around 600 million euros. Indian businesses spend $ 70 million to $ 80 million annually (growing at a compound annual growth rate of 30%) on the logistics of e-commerce shipments, he said.

GMV is the value of goods sold through e-commerce platforms.

“Our exclusive partnership with B2C Europe and our asset-centric approach will help us dynamically respond to incremental and rapidly changing seller demands and deliver an affordable price. We are a plug-and-play operator with transparent, user-friendly and easy-to-use services, ” he said.

Shypmax LPaaS, powered by the AI-powered Shyplite 4PL logistics platform, will also leverage B2C Europe’s global network of distribution centers to help Indian companies deliver and collect returns of their products across the globe. , did he declare.

Martijn Van Der Geer, Commercial Director, B2C Europe, said: “We have been an integral part of Shypmax’s global trade management solutions. After entering into an exclusive agreement with Shypmax, we now have a strong partner in India. ” With the readily available infrastructure and the expansion of the capacity of several fulfillment facilities in Europe, B2C Europe will help businesses India to increase their exports of European goods, he said.

“Although we are starting with Europe including UK, we hope to add other regions like US for fulfillment and distribution in the near future thanks to the wide accessibility to B2C Europe now being. a Maersk company.

“The partnership between B2C Europe and Shypmax is mutually beneficial as B2C Europe now has a solid base in India through Shypmax and vice versa,” he added.

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