Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Launch – Pakistan



LAHORE: The country’s first cryptocurrency exchange ‘Rain’ is about to be launched, as arrangements have been made in this regard.

Rain claims to be the first cryptocurrency exchange to obtain a regulatory license in the Middle East and a member of an “elite international trading group”.

The company claims to have built the platform on a “robust, scalable and resilient” infrastructure with guarantees, services and capabilities to make investing in cryptocurrency easy and safe for Pakistanis.

While Pakistan has seen a revolution in crypto investing over the past two years with 4.10% (over 9 million) of the country’s population already in crypto trading, the local financial market is able to grow by significantly. A new generation of investors in Pakistan have embraced cryptocurrency as a tool for financial freedom.

“Rain’s launch in Pakistan comes at a pivotal time when the market is growing exponentially and people are in desperate need of a licensed and regulated cryptocurrency trading platform. Our goal is to make cryptocurrency trading super secure, transparent and profitable for all current and future crypto traders in the country, ”said Sufyaan Khan – Managing Director (Pakistan) of Rain.

According to company co-founder Yehia Badawy, there has been tremendous growth in transaction volume on Rain and “we have seen increased adoption across the board from retail clients, high net worth individuals and high net worth individuals. institutional clients ”.

“We have passed the billion dollar mark in trade volume and experienced massive growth in the first half of 2021, 20 times more than its growth in the same period last year,” he said.

Posted in Dawn, le 25 September 2021


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