Dr. Seema explains 3 ways to learn stock trading for beginners

September 20, 2021 6:49 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India]Sep 20 (ANI/ATK): Dr. Seema Jain, PhD IIT Delhi (SEBI Registered Research Analyst), is a pioneer in financial markets, and an educator, trainer and life coach.
Dr. Seema Jain is among the very few female SEBI-registered traders and stock market research analysts.
“As an educator, trainer, and life coach, I love teaching people about the stock market. There are many ways to learn, but three essential things you need to know are that “knowledge”, l ‘experience gained through practice by applying knowledge through testing your skills in the markets and finally discipline’.
The IITian further added that discipline is necessary to accumulate and preserve wealth.
The first way to learn about the stock market is to study what the experts are saying, visualize its impact on you in real time, and then apply your learned experiences in practice after reading or listening to something on the financial markets.
For example; ATGL (recommended buy at 390), AAVAS Finance (recommended buy at 650), EMAMI PAPER, TATA ELXSI (recommended buy at 1900) are some of the recent multibagger stocks that have delivered huge returns over the period.
Also as a life coach, Dr. Seema’s advice is to be “disciplined and dedicated to learning” and never give up.
The second way to learn the stock market is to “read books on investing, listen to experienced investors like Dr. Seema Jain (who has consistently given multibagger stocks), follow news channels that give accurate information on financial market events”.
And the last way is to “Practice, Practice and Practice”. The difference between a successful person and a unsuccessful person is that the former will focus on practice, while the latter will not.

“When you know how to read a chart and start applying your knowledge of technical analysis in charts, then it is easy to make money trading the stock market.
“It is very important to know more about stock trading and its impact on our economy and our society as a whole.” Being one of the few female traders who are SEBI registered research analysts on the stock market, Dr. Seema Jain’s advice is that “one should be very careful while investing in the stock market” as it understands your money, for which you have worked hard. .
New stock marketers have a lot to learn from Dr. Seema Jain who has consistently given multibagger stocks. Nearly 100% of its recommendations have given huge returns over the period.
The secret to her success is that she regularly keeps up to date with events in the financial markets and learns from her mistakes. She also follows a strict discipline of investing according to market signals, which makes it easier for us to learn from here successfully. Price movement over a period can vary for various reasons such as company-specific news or the sentiment of the market as a whole.
India’s stock market still has a long way to go as it believes that some sectors like financial markets (insurance) need reforms for the country’s growth on the economic front, as well as further reforms to benefit farmers.
“Don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose.” It is very important to learn about stock market trading and its impact on our economy and society as a whole.
“If you can read a chart and start applying your knowledge of technical analysis in charts, it’s easy to make money trading the stock market.”
Dr. Seema Jain believes that a great investor is made, not born and you need to be very systematic and dedicated in investing. Investing requires a lot of work, but it’s the best feeling when you see your money grow.
Dr Seema can be reached at his StockPro Official Telegram Channel for all kinds of investment questions. Especially for beginners in the stock market, there is no one better than Dr. Seema Jain, who consistently gives multibagger stocks that have given huge returns over the period while saving tax through mutual funds. tax savings in different fund companies such as ICICI Prudential, HDFC Mutual Fonds etc…
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