Experts Seek Improved Power Supply to Revolutionize Financial Market

Global financial market experts have urged the federal government to improve its current electricity supply to revolutionize forex trading and create more jobs for Nigerians.

Managing Director of Tripeak limited, Simon Lee, who was speaking on the sidelines of the African Financial Markets Conference (AFCM) 1.0 in Abuja yesterday, said the forex sector held huge potentials to boost the Nigerian economy. but could not thrive under an erratic power supply from traders.

The conference was organized by TradelandFX, a leading forex broker with expertise in the global financial market with the theme, “Digital Africa-Demystifying the Digital Financial Markets”

Lee said most transactions went wrong due to power supply fluctuations.

“The first thing that needs to be fixed in this country is to provide reliable and consistent power generation, today we have a bit of power that went out for about two seconds, your trading is pretty bad because you try to place an order and you want to get an accurate price and the electricity goes out, when it comes back the price is gone and you have to buy something at the worst price, he said.

TradelandFX Director Amarachi Ihechirimadu said the conference aims to teach Africans simple ways to trade and gain sound knowledge of global financial markets.

She said, “If you want to make N20,000 the next day you have to work hard and do it, as a company what we do is provide you with the platform, the education you have need and give you the best educators and the best market analysts to guide you through the process, but the honesty lies with you doing it yourself”.

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