In 2022, the decentralized financial market platform DeFiMaster will take the initiative to occupy the NFT market

New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – December 27, 2021) – DeFiMaster will launch in January 2022. As the first NFT product aggregation platform focused on the decentralized market, it can be said that in the meta -current fiery universe and in the field of decentralized finance, DeFiMaster seized the market opportunity. In the initial phase of the product, the team designed a scalable feature in the token contract to prevent hackers from engaging in malicious activity in the event of continued attacks against the entire industry. In the past, this platform operated on a trial basis in the form of a community club. Today, the platform is not only fully functional, but also experiences a significant increase in the number of users. It marks a moment in the history of DeFiMaster, where it can take a new step towards full decentralization.

DeFiMaster announced that it has opened DeFi protocol to the lowest level, integrating traditional NFT trading platforms such as MakerDao and Compound, so that users can get the best performing DeFi products on the market. DeFiMaster invests the pooled funds in the major major DeFi platforms and earns income through compound interest, leverage and position adjustment. This new model makes regional centralized finance transactions easier and more convenient.

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The DeFiMaster platform has grown significantly and is now open for registration, and more users will actively join. In 2021, the team club community brought substantial benefits to the first group of members who participated in the cryptocurrency investment, with an average monthly rate of return of up to 26%. In addition to growing the number of users, the platform is taking steps to expand the platform and the leadership to more areas. DeFiMaster’s goal is to create a blockchain ecosystem comprised of DeFi, DEX, liquid mining pools, and NFT products.

At present, the major DeFi exchanges still operate in the form of mortgages. In ordinary trading, user transactions occur by matching buyers and sellers. However, due to the performance of blockchain technology, the corresponding transaction experience on smart contracts is not user-friendly, so another AMM (Automatic Market Maker) method is adopted. Your counterparty is no longer a person but a contract. DeFi has become a leading science in the blockchain world, and it will probably be one of the most important directions for the future of the blockchain world.

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DeFi Exchange is an NFT social platform for all creators, including artists, musicians, influencers, gamers, and athletes. Each platform has its own characteristics and independence, which indirectly increases transaction costs for buyers and sellers. The birth of DeFiMaster solves this problem very well. Trading in commodities on multiple exchanges can be done on a single platform. Decentralized finance will usher in viral development in 2022, and DeFiMaster will surely become a great platform in the DeFi market.

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