internshala: Young graduates interested in acquiring stock market trading and investing skills: Internshala

There has been an 8x increase in beginner trading certification training enrollment from 2016 to 2021, according to a report by Internshala Trainings, the online learning arm of Internshala, which recently released a report. highlighting the interest of young graduates to acquire stock trading and investment. skills.

According to the report, 60% of enrollments were made by learners to practically hone their new-age trading skills, indicating a growing appetite for risk, an interest in unconventional ways of saving and a willingness to build a large corpus over time.

Reasons for enrolling in an online trading course included a desire to understand concepts such as stock trading, financial and technical analysis, virtual trading, stock exchanges, market myths and financial ratios . About 25% of students enrolled in the certified training program with the aim of securing an internship or job opportunity in the future.

Male and female candidates showed a roughly equal share of interest in learning trading tactics with 55% and 45% sign-ups respectively. 65% of all these students, enrolled in the training, followed all the modules, assignments and projects with dedication and achieved their learning objectives.

The report suggests that growing recruitment campaigns and career opportunities in finance, trading, investing and equities are another reason trading skills are growing in popularity among young graduates. Stock management was the most popular profile among employers hiring investment interns in 2020-21. Apart from basic trading, organizations have also posted internships for business development (sales), content writing, marketing and social media marketing profiles in areas related to trading, mutual funds or stock Exchange.

“Trading is a valuable life skill that appeals to young people who seek financial independence, are tech-savvy, dare to take on challenges and are willing to take more risks. Our Beginners Trading Certification Training is a comprehensive program designed to help students learn about investing, buy their own stocks, find a job or start their own investment-based business, Internshala Founder and CEO Sarvesh Agrawal told ET.

“Through our training, recent graduates can harness the power of practice-based, affordable, self-paced and accessible online trading courses and become a professional. To provide them with a hands-on learning experience of high quality, our learners also have access to a virtual trading platform with virtual money and real stock market data from the NSE stock market to constantly practice, reinforce their concepts and master their trading skills.

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