Elliott Wave Analysis 1 of (5) of C) of II. Tesla TSLA, Amazon AMZN, Nvidia (NVDA), Apple AAPL, Microsoft MSFT, Berkshire Hathaway (BRK/B), Block, Inc (SQ), Facebook FB, Meta Platforms, Alphabet GOOGL. XFL Finance Sector ETF, JPMorgan JPM and Bank of America BAC.
Stock Market Summary: Elliott Wave counts Wave 1 of (5) of C) of II for most stocks. Expect further lows.
Stock Trading Strategies: Wait a bit for wave c) 2 rally in most stocks, it will take a few sessions.

Video chapters:
00:00 NASDAQ 100.
04:34 Apple (AAPL).
06:17 NVIDIA (NVDA).
07:01 Amazon (AMZN).
07:39 Tesla (TSLA).
08:30 Alphabet (GOOGL).
09:22Microsoft (MSFT).
10:37 Meta platforms (FB) (META).
12:08 Berkshire Hathaway BRK/B.
2:02 p.m. Square. Block, Inc. (SQ).
16:04 Banks XFL ETF, BAC, JPM.
17:46 Thank you for supporting us…

US Stocks, Apple AAPL, Amazon AMZN, Nvidia (NVDA), Alphabet GOOGL, Microsoft MSFT, Block, Inc. (SQ), Facebook FB, Meta Platforms, Tesla TSLA. Elliott wave analysis counts below.

US Equities: Number of Basic Elliott Waves:
Apple AAPL Elliott Wave 1 of (5) of C) of II.
Amazon AMZN Elliott Wave1 of (5) of C) of II.
Nvidia (NVDA) Elliott Wave 1 (5) C) II.
Berkshire Hathaway BRK/B Elliott Wave 1 of (5).
Alphabet GOOGL Elliott Wave 1 of (5) of C) of II.
Meta Platforms FB Elliott Wave (c) of ii) of 3.
Microsoft MSFT Elliott Wave 1 of (Y) of Y) of II.
Tesla TSLA Elliott Wave 1 of (5) of C) of II.
Square SQ/Block Inc. Elliott Wave 1 of (5).
JPMorgan Chase (JPM) Elliott Wave 1 of (5) of C) of II.

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