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Malawi: stock exchange slows

A monthly market report released by the Malawi Stock Exchange (MSE) showed that trading slowed down on the local stock exchange in July, recording an average daily volume of 1,047,162 shares compared to 7,391,068 shares traded in June 2021.

This reflects an 85.83% drop in daily trading activity during the month.

The report indicates that the market traded a total of 21,990,398 shares for a total consideration of K994,831,445.53 in 298 transactions less than a total of 162,603,497 shares for a total consideration of K4,769,000 833.21 in 326 commercial transactions recorded in June.

However, the market recorded a positive return on the index, as evidenced by the upward movement of the Malawi All Share (Masi) index to 36,496.03 points against 35,144.56.63 points recorded in June.

“This gives a monthly return on the index of 3.85%. The price gains recorded by Illovo at 20.81%, Airtel at 9.9 percent, FMBCH at 8.66%, Limited press company at 8.34%, TNM, National Bank and Standard bank were enough to compensate for the price losses recorded by NITL at 15 percent, Former mutual to 4.11, NBS and FDH Bank resulting in an upward movement of the MASI, ”the statement said.

Stockbrokers Malawi Limited CEO Noel Kadzakumanja said the Masi won because it is driven by price changes on the counters and not by the volumes and values ​​traded.

“We should expect an increase in transactions as some of the big players come out of the shutdown period and the Covid situation is expected to improve,” Kadzakumanja said.

Alliance Stockbrokers Limited chief operating officer Thokozani Saulosi said in a separate interview that when overall prices rise over a period of time, Masi will rise.

He said the market exhibits seasonal patterns where activity is at will once companies’ financial statements are released, which acts as a trigger in the decision-making of fund managers who are the biggest investors in the market. Marlet.

“We should expect lower volumes and values ​​than in April and May. However, this is not exhaustive as some months activity could pick up and the market registers high values ​​and volumes, ”Saulosi said.

MSE operations manager Kelline Kanyangala said some of the decline in trade is indicative of the seasonality factor in business patterns that have been observed over time.

“Looking ahead, we hope that activity should pick up once most companies start reporting their half year financial results.

“However, we are also aware of the downside risk posed by the Covid pandemic which, we have observed, causes a slowdown in activity when positive cases increase,” Kanyangala said.

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TigerWit Africa trains 840 Nigerians in PH financial market

Rebecca Ejifoma

Determined to bridge the knowledge gap in the financial market, a brokerage firm that offers Forex, TigerWit Africa, successfully trained more than 840 Nigerians during a two-week workshop in Port Harcourt, the capital of the Rivers State.

The two-week training, facilitated by TigerWit Africa Education Officer Mr. Davies Babalola and his team through TigerWit Academy, aimed to prevent Nigerians from losing income in this time of bleeding economy and global pandemic.

In an interview with THISDAY, Babalola said that TigerWit Academy is passionate about helping people after noticing a lack of knowledge in the industry.

“A lot of people are losing money blindly, which is pointless. If we can help them negotiate longer, we can be assured of a sustained long-term customer base, a win-win situation, ”he added.

According to the education official, a good thing is that at times like this, COVID-19 has taught us “that you can’t depend on just one source of income; you need a source of income that is not dependent on your nation’s economy ”.

The forex expert also lamented the deterioration of the naira while conceding that “we are in a very difficult situation. Just because the naira is going bad doesn’t mean the whole world is too.

“So can we take advantage of technology? COVID-19 has taught us that if the whole world is on lockdown not everyone can get out, how do we make money and feed ourselves? “

During the heat of the chaotic foreclosure, Babalola confirmed that Forex trading has the biggest Google search keywords. “Look for like online Forex trading, home trading, digital marketing. It was what everyone did.

He did, however, list some advantages of forex trading. “You don’t have overhead. All you need is to create an account with your broker and then put in $ 100 or $ 200.

To start the business, the expert said you need a laptop, a mobile phone that you use for WhatsApp and be over 18. unnecessary overheads, no staff payments, ”suggesting that some of them are even doing much better than the banks can give them in a year.

According to him, we know that the interest rates on bank term deposits are not attractive enough. “This is not the case in Forex; you become profitable from the start.

“However, we have dissuaded newbies from making big profits. Two, three, or five percent on a monthly basis is fine for you, not 20 or 30 percent. Let it compose for six months or a year, you will see quite a game change. “

With half of the total participants as women, the education officer described women as very enterprising. Others included retirees, retirees and students.

TigerWit Academy not only equipped beneficiaries and packed their bags, it also created a social media account as a tracking mechanism.

In his words: “We have organized webinars for them; we have a fully configured online academy, so we give them login access that they can log into and continue studying at their convenience.

Babalola, however, has given newbies the confidence that when they try it for themselves, they can grow taller. “You will fall and get up again, but with the knowledge you have gained. “

The company also awarded $ 1,750 to three participants to encourage them to get into trading. While the first finalist received $ 1,000, the second and third received $ 500 and $ 250 respectively.

“They won a draw. This is a clear indication that tigerwit is intentionally determined to see Nigerians succeed, ”he said.

According to Babalola, TigerWit Academy had its eyes on Port Harcourt following the recent fallout from a Ponzi scheme. “A lot of people have lost tons of money, people are suffering and yet they believe they can still do this job.”

The academy therefore enabled participants to learn about trading on their own rather than handing over their money to people who defrauded them. “This is the paradigm shift we gave them.”

After two weeks of knowledge sharing, Babalola claimed they had stayed behind. “We continued to train people morning and evening, having two sessions per day; morning for the non-working class, evening was for those who worked.

While acknowledging that the program has had an impact, Babalola is excited to spread it across the country. “We have a system in place that will sort of make it work automatically. That’s why we set up the online academy, which we rely on to tour. “

After empowering the residents of Port-Harcourt, TigerWit Academy replicates the same thing in Abuja, then in Uyo, the capital of Akwa-Ibom state.

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Top 5 Trading and Investing Strategies in the Bear Market

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We reveal the main potential trap and how to avoid it. Find out how to increase your chances of business success, with data gleaned from over 100,000 IG accounts.

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Market trading

Top 5 Trading and Investing Strategies in the Bear Market

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We reveal the main potential trap and how to avoid it. Find out how to increase your chances of business success, with data gleaned from over 100,000 IG accounts.

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Market trading

Stock trading: a beginner’s guide

Why trade stocks? What are the risks of trading stocks? What really went wrong with GameStop? How to profit from the ups and downs of the stock market? Find the answers to these questions and more in this week’s stock trading webinar.

Why trade on the stock market?

Before getting to the heart of the matter of stock trading, let’s first answer the question of why trade stocks besides Forex?

Sustainable trends

Individual stocks and entire indices can exhibit multi-year trends that you can take advantage of. Look at companies like Amazon and Apple over the past 5-10 years as prime examples:

As you can see in the graph above, Amazon has been on the rise for years, starting in 2017.

Apple has also been in a long-term uptrend for years:

Apple shares

Around 2017-18, Apple shares were worth $ 20 per share. Now they’re at $ 146 per share.

Multi-year trends are often not the case in Forex pairs.

Wide range of opportunities

Depending on the stock market you want to focus on, there may be hundreds, if not thousands, of trading prospects. This high number of opportunities means that you can choose the best trends or trading setups. In contrast, Forex is limited to a few tradable pairs.

How to trade stocks

You can access the stock markets (also called equity markets) in several ways:

Buy and sell the underlying stocks

Buying and selling the underlying stocks is the easiest way to trade the stock markets. You own the shares, which means you own part of the business. Most common shares carry voting rights. But buying the stocks usually means you have little or no leverage. In addition, it is not always possible to sell a stock short. If you sell a stock short, your losses can be unlimited as there is no cap on how much and how fast the trade can go against you. Institutional investors experienced this reality when they were short on US GameStop stock and the price rose several times, causing huge losses for short investors.

Stock options

There are two types of stock options: call options and put options. Call options give you the right to buy a share; put options give you the right to sell a stock. Call options can provide leverage in long positions. Put options make it easy to profit from falling stocks without the risk of unlimited losses. The options can be complex and require a learning curve. When you have a long option, the dissipation of the value of time can work against you.

Contracts for difference (CFDs)

CFDs allow leverage, but you don’t own the underlying stock, which means no voting rights. CFDs have overnight funding fees. Anytime you have a leveraged position, you risk multiplying your losses and facing margin calls. CFDs can be an inexpensive way to access non-national stocks. You can trade CFDs with InvestMarkets, a premier brokerage that offers stock trading among many other assets.


Equity exchange traded funds (ETFs)

ETFs are inexpensive and can focus on different indices, geographies, sectors, and investment styles. They allow you to diversify or focus on a particular area of ​​the economy. There isn’t a lot of downside to trading ETFs.

Stock index futures

Stock index futures are heavily leveraged and very liquid with low spreads. They usually trade through central exchanges, such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). There is also not much downside to trading index futures.

Where can you trade stocks?

The infographic below shows that on a global scale, the US stock markets are dominant.

Stock market infographicAs of April 2020, the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ accounted for 45% of global stock markets.

The most important US stock indices are the S&P 500, the NASDAQ 100, the Dow 30 and the Russell 2000.

Let’s look at some examples of stock indices, starting with the S&P 500:

S&P 500

The S&P 500 is in a long term uptrend. You can see where the market dipped when the impact of COVID-19 became apparent, but the market has since recovered and continued its overall uptrend.

Final thoughts

Make sure to always expand your opportunities for the best trades available. Sometimes that means waiting for setup or looking at different charts to expand trading possibilities.

Also make sure you always pay attention to your risks. Good risk management is the key to profitable trading.

If you want to learn more about stock trading, there is no better place than, where you can deepen your knowledge of the stock markets with hundreds of articles and videos.

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The number of desktop computer users in financial markets rose to 1.7 million in 2020 – Stable growth expected in 2021

“The desktop is evolving and should no longer be seen as a one-size-fits-all terminal that sits on a desk in the office,” says Adler smith, analyst at Burton-Taylor. “The desktop should be designed for new users entering the financial industry, those who know at least one programming language and want a high degree of openness, flexibility and inoperability in the solutions they use. In many ways, 2020 has accelerated. this transition by placing more emphasis on the technological component of the workstation. “

Burton-Taylor predicts that office space will grow steadily in the range of 3-4% for 2021. The report predicts that the majority of new growth will come from investment banking, corporate wealth management. businesses and individuals, as office providers tailor their solutions to meet needs. users in particular areas.

The 34-page Burton-Taylor 2021 Financial Market Desktops: Evolve to meet changing customer needs report is available for immediate download by Burton-Taylor Research members via the website. The report can also be purchased here, or by contacting [email protected], +1 646 225-6696.

About Burton-Taylor International Consulting (

Burton-Taylor International Consulting, part of the TP ICAP group, is the recognized leader in market research, strategy and business consulting in the information industry. Burton-Taylor Exchange, Index, Market Data and Media Intelligence, PR share figures are considered the industry benchmark globally. For more information see

About TP ICAP (

TP ICAP brings together buyers and sellers in the global financial, energy and commodities markets. It is the largest wholesale market intermediary in the world, with a portfolio of companies that provide brokerage services, data and analysis and market intelligence that customers around the world trust. We operate from offices in 31 countries, supporting award-winning brokers with cutting-edge technology. For more information see

SOURCE Burton-Taylor International Consulting

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DNeX sees revenue from new digital commerce platform increase by 300%

KUALA LUMPUR (July 27): Dagang NeXchange Bhd (DNeX), which today launched its digital commerce and logistics platform known as SealNet to provide users with unique cloud-based logistics and cross-border services, expects SealNet revenue to grow approximately 300% from a weak base as DNeX positions SealNet as a global connector for digital commerce.

In a statement to reporters covering the virtual launch of SealNet today, DNeX said SealNet is aimed at importers, exporters, manufacturers and trade-related companies.

DNeX said: “SealNet provides customers with an easy-to-use platform accessible anytime, anywhere and in real time.”

According to DNeX, SealNet includes products and services that connect and reduce redundancy in data collection and information flow throughout the supply chain.

Under SealNet, common information is shared and replicated to ensure data reuse and avoid re-entering the same data throughout the supply chain, according to DNeX.

“SealNet also offers an integration capability to address a variety of needs and structures, providing real-time communications and with increased flexibility, control and visibility,” said DNeX.

DNeX said SealNet also comes with real-time cargo tracking technology where traders can track the status of documents, approvals, and freight.

“Access to a range of insurance providers from which customers can choose to protect their assets and mitigate any maritime risk, as well as a list of financiers from which customers can directly apply for financing, is also available in a near future, ”said DNeX.

Speaking at a press conference after the virtual launch of SealNet today, DNeX Group Managing Director Tan Sri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir said that SealNet is smartly designed to connect and digitize chain components. global supply and logistics to improve the efficiency of transport and trade facilitation mechanisms. .

Syed Zainal said that SealNet aims to provide a better electronic system for logistics and cross-border trade.

“Faced with the challenges of today’s complex supply chain and the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses in the industry need the right solution.

“With SealNet, we also seek to address issues that have hampered efficiency and contributed to unnecessary costs in the industry. We position SealNet as the global digital commerce connector to facilitate not only regional but also global commerce.

“Customers large and small can have easy and secure access to SealNet’s digital business platform anytime, anywhere to save time and money, as well as to operate in real time. with the accuracy of the data, ”he said.

Asked about SealNet’s growth in terms of earnings and market position, Syed Zainal said DNeX expects SealNet’s revenue to grow by around 300% from a low base. He did not specify a timeframe within which the 300% revenue growth target will be met.

He said DNeX hopes SealNet will be profitable because the platform provides services that customers need.

“We are very competitive in the way we bill our customers because our goal is not to overburden our customers.

“I am sure that SealNet’s revenue will continue to grow and eventually contribute to DNeX’s profits,” he said.

At the afternoon close of Bursa Malaysia today, the DNeX share price rose 3.5 sen or 4.79% to 76.5 sen, giving the group a market cap of about RM 2.24 billion.

DNeX has 2.93 billion shares issued.

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Trade platform

CLS announces post-trade platform for financial market infrastructures

The upgrade allows better control of change delivery for its settlement solutions and provides a single platform to support CLSSettlement, CLSClearedFX, and CLSNow.

CLS has completed Convergence, an important phase of its multi-year technology investment program, to provide its advanced post-trade technology platform for Global Financial Market Infrastructures (IMF).

CLS migrated CLSSettlement to its Unified Services Platform (USP), optimizing the underlying technology platform supporting its settlement services.

SIX crosses the Atlantic and opens an office in the United States

The upgrade allows better control of change delivery for its settlement solutions and provides a single platform to support CLSSettlement, CLSClearedFX, and CLSNow.

The new platform gives CLS full ownership of application development and change delivery, with in-house specialists handling ongoing platform support as well as the design and development of its settlement services, without talk about improved monitoring and automation.

Tom Barkhuff, Chief Information Officer, CLS, commented: “At CLS, we are constantly evaluating and evaluating new methods to improve our services for the benefit of our members. Our Convergence program demonstrates our commitment to this strategy.

“The priority for us is that new technological solutions significantly improve efficiency while meeting extraordinarily high resilience standards. Through a multi-year technology investment program, we have maintained this goal and achieved our goal of implementing an industry-leading technology stack, meeting the needs of our members while maintaining the high standards expected of a Systemically important MFIs. “

CLS recently commented on the Global FX Code update. The company welcomed the changes to the principles of payment-versus-payment and clearing settlement risk.

The changes have placed more emphasis on using PvP settlement mechanisms when available, and provide more detailed guidance on managing settlement risk when PvP settlement is not in use.

CLSSettlement helps market participants adhere to the Updated Code as it uses a PvP system, mitigating settlement risk by simultaneously settling payment instructions for the underlying currency transactions.

Today, the service settles more than $ 5.5 trillion in payments in 18 of the world’s most actively traded currencies, for more than 70 direct participants and more than 25,000 indirect participants.

The updated version of the Global FX Code was released this week. Eleven of the fifty-five principles of the Code were discussed.

The committee strengthened the Code’s guidelines on anonymous trading, algorithmic trading and transaction cost analysis, disclosures and settlement risk.

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Trade platform

China Construction Bank to Establish Regional Digital Commerce Platform

LABUAN (July 15): China Construction Bank (Malaysia) Bhd (CCBM) and China Construction Bank Corporation Labuan Branch (CCBL) signed a memorandum of understanding with three companies to build a comprehensive ‘regional one-stop-shop’ (RSW) digital platform to facilitate exchanges.

The RSW was proposed to promote the facilitation of international trade with major trading partner countries and to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in financing exports and imports through an ecosystem approach. It is an artificial intelligence-based digital trade facilitation platform that connects trade finance, insurance and logistics in a single marketplace.

In a statement to Bernama today, CCBL said the three companies – SealNet Sdn Bhd, Bay Supply Chain Technology Sdn Bhd (CapBay) and Labuan Digital Authentication Center Inc (DAC) – signed the memorandum of understanding on Wednesday, in presence of Export-Import Bank of Malaysia. Bhd (EXIM Bank).

CCBM Director General Felix Feng Qi, SealNet Datuk Representative Patrick Wong, CapBay Ang Xing Xian Executive Director and DAC Datuk Director Tee Ting Cham signed the document at a ceremony.

To complement the RSW, the Chinese banking group’s smart matchmaking platform, CCB Match Plus, will integrate national and international data to facilitate cross-border cargo matching.

CapBay will complement the RSW ecosystem with an e-commerce finance platform to provide Malaysian SMEs with better access to trade finance while SealNet will connect RSW to importers, exporters, manufacturers and trade-related companies.

During the ceremony, Chin Chon Young, head of EXIM Bank, said in a joint statement that the MoU signifies “the start of an exciting development for exporters and importers in Malaysia, as RSW is designed for convenience and affordability, supported by digital technology ”.

CCBM Deputy Director General Wang Qijie said CCBM has shown support for the establishment of RSW.

“By having a direct link, it would create a business value chain for our clients where a twin company in CCB Match Plus could seamlessly move to RSW for transaction execution,” he said.

SealNet’s Wong said the company is looking to address “pain points” that have hampered efficiency and caused unnecessary costs in the industry.

“SealNet is designed to link global supply chains and logistics to improve the efficiency of transport and trade facilitation mechanisms, improve the productivity of freight logistics and provide a better electronic system for logistics and cross-border trade.

“Customers large and small can have easy and secure access to SealNet’s digital business platform anytime, anywhere to save time and money, as well as keep up-to-date. real with data accuracy, ”he said.

In 2020, Malaysia’s total exports represented 26% of its GDP, up from 22.1% in 2019.

“With the growing export trend, RSW will support and create a solid base to facilitate and cultivate additional trades in the region. Under the MoU, drawing on the expertise of partners, the parties will collaboratively build a comprehensive trade finance credit model as a key element to support the trade finance platform. electronic commerce, ”he added.

The collaborating partners also agree to work together in the area of ​​linking CCB Match Plus to the RSW ecosystem, with CCBM managing offsets and settlements behind the scenes.

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Trade platform

Tridge, a global food and agriculture trading platform, secures Series C funds

On Monday, South Korean company Tridge, an online business and trade information platform that connects global buyers and sellers of food and agriculture products, announced that it had received a round of 60 million Series C from Forest Partners, the Seoul-based alternative investment firm that manages approximately $ 300 million in client assets.

In a statement announcing the round, Tridge said he would use the new capital to help it grow in response to demand from food companies looking for alternative sources around the world as traditional supply lines are facing increasing disruption and risk. Specifically, Tridge plans to establish businesses and co-packing / warehousing facilities in 50 strategic countries.

The latest funding round values ​​Tridge at $ 500 million, up from $ 140 million since April 2020, putting the company on track to achieve a unicorn valuation (over $ 1 billion) for the foreseeable future. The Tridge platform currently attracts more than 300,000 monthly visitors to source agricultural products. The company is targeting $ 300 million in revenue by the end of 2021. Previous investors in Tridge include SoftBank Ventures Asia and Greenwich, Connecticut-based startup venture capital fund Activant Capital.

“The food and agriculture industry is one of the most fragmented industries, and buyers and suppliers alike struggle to find the right information or the right partner,” Tridge CEO Hoshik Shin said in a commentary on the funding cycle. “Our market intelligence works like a vessel to help them come together; we are the bridge to connect and help them start new business relationships in the most efficient and reliable way possible.

In addition to matching global buyers and sellers of agricultural products on its platform and providing food supply chain analysis and market intelligence, Tridge also offers a certified supplier program, whereby it buys direct from producers and then acts as a global distributor to a network of buyers that includes some of the world’s best-known food and consumer multinationals, including Wal-Mart, Kellogg’s, Costco, ABInbev, Indofood, Sysco, Alms, crossroads, Nestle, Mitsui & Co. Ltd, and others.

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