QFX Markets, the Prime Forex Broker in the Financial Market, Wins Multiple Awards and Expands Operations in 32 Countries Globally

May 30, 2022 3:40 p.m. STI

New Delhi [India]May 30 (ANI/NewsView): QFX Markets, one of the leading award-winning brokers and one of the most trusted Forex Prime brokers that offers multiple trading options in crypto, currencies, stocks, commodities and indices, among others , has successfully completed 2 years in the market with nearly 2 lakh investors and over 1 lakh account activations on their platform in the last 18 months, wins over 20 Forex industry awards while developing its operations in 32 countries around the world.
The company’s mission is to empower people with the knowledge of global markets to make informed investment decisions. It offers the best MT5 trading platform which is a powerful and modern trading platform with advanced features providing investors and traders with cutting edge trading experience to do their best. The platform is easy to use with superior execution speeds and features like a trader’s calculator, performance stats, real-time market sentiment data, and more. indicators, and it is easy to configure and customize the trading setup.
The global forex market in 2022 is worth $2,409,000,000 ($2.409 quadrillion). An average of $6.6 trillion each day is traded in the foreign exchange markets. This is significantly higher than the previous analysis conducted by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in 2016, when it was valued at $1.934 quadrillion. The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world in terms of trading volume, liquidity and value. Unlike other markets such as stocks, the forex industry is the only financial market available 24/7.
The company is constantly tweaking and improving its trading platform as it firmly believes that with this ever-changing market, improvisation is a must. The platform not only runs electronic trading platforms where buyers and sellers can connect, but also a range of software that covers everything from pre-trade analysis and news analysis to reporting. post-trade regulatory and transaction monitoring.
As e-commerce continues to evolve and gradually moves towards the dominance of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Algorithms and machine learning will be the next game changers for the industry and the new normal for the future. Investors are now increasingly using AI-based investment platforms, which promise them safe and stable returns, citing their profitability, simplicity and accessibility. Lately, the coronavirus pandemic has dramatically accelerated this transition, with retail investors finally starting to unlock the full potential of these tools.

QFX has created its ecosystem platform to share investments (copy trading) with financial robots in the QFX and futures markets, QFX allows investors to access and copy the trade of these cutting-edge trading robots from anywhere in the world in real time. It’s all in the name! Copy Trading, as the name suggests, involves tracking and duplicating trades executed by other prominent investors in the financial markets. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the business landscape across industries and shown the world that technology is the only savior. This has accelerated the development phase, during which most transactions are done remotely and without the need to be physically available. Many people have become more interested in trading because technology has made the process of learning and entering the markets easier, beginners will have the opportunity to learn from experienced traders and copy their trades from a well-developed platform, which will allow people to meet. , discuss, discover, learn and more.
Lavish Choudhary, CEO of QFX Markets, said: “The automated forex trading process has grown rapidly, and the side-hustle trader is also benefiting. Modern technology allows a trader to spend less time in the market and makes it easy for traders to make a side income from trading.Forex trading is suitable for anyone, in any job, who wants to get secondary income: with the forex markets open 24 hours a day, five days a week, this gives considerable flexibility to trade in terms of time and place. One can use QFX robot trading to overcome the handicap of limited time to execute and manage trades. QFX’s services and program have been praised by its fans for its incredible risk management tools, including labeling of high-risk strategies as well as their sorting functionality has been recognized with recent awards. If you are a beginner looking to stay profitable while learning the ropes or an expert trader looking for some extra validation, QFX is the ht platform for you.”
QFX Trade Limited is one of the leading Prime Forex Brokers that offers multiple trading options such as Crypto, Forex, Stocks, Commodities, and Indices among others. The company has been serving its customers for years and operates in more than 32 countries. QFX is an auto trading platform that also provides copy trading functionality, where clients can earn additional income by following the accounts of more experienced traders, investing just one hour a day in analysis, execution and monitoring their portfolio. It connects people to global markets and provides its clients with access to the world’s leading financial institutions while offering cutting-edge technology solutions. Its goal is to deliver an exceptional service experience through innovation and a commitment to quality at all levels – from research capability to customer care services.
For more information, please visit the qfxmarkets.com website.
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