Trading Mentor now offers a free stock trading guide eBook created by Zelman Yakubov and industry experts

Business Mentor

Business Mentor

Business Mentor

Trading Mentor is a highly immersive platform for stock trading knowledge and Forex trading learning. We offer a valuable e-book on stock trading for free.


Learn to trade with our free eBook.

—Zelman Yakubov

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, September 7, 2022 / — A leading provider of educational tools and services to help people become successful stock traders or learn Forex trading, Business Mentor is a unique EdTech platform aimed at creating a community of mentors and students from all over the world. Worth $19.95, the company now offers a high-value stocks and shares trading system. Ebook totally free. As the proven guide to stock trading and successful investing for beginners and expert traders alike, the eBook spans over 400 pages and offers in-depth industry insights, practical tips and techniques, to help traders increase their profits and generate long-term trading success.

Zelman Yakubov, spokesperson for the platform, made an official statement to the press: “Here at Trading Mentor, we are very passionate and proactive in nurturing the new wave of talented and successful forex investors and stock traders. Our platform provides a top-notch educational experience that makes successful trading a possibility for those new to the field, while also providing educational tools and resources for online forms of investing that can be beneficial to beginners to start their trading career, but it can also serve as a guide to successful investing for established traders who want to further develop their expertise, take advantage of the trading techniques of seasoned traders and accelerate their profits.

Offering a range of forex trading courses and stock trading courses, as well as personal tuition, Training Mentor is designed to make success possible for students around the world. Not only is the learning experience comprehensive and diverse, but it is also flexible and accessible from anywhere in the world. By providing tailored educational experiences to a wide audience of future stock traders, Training Mentor sets itself apart from other stock trading and investment training platforms and positions itself as an industry leader.

Trading Mentor’s exclusive eBook is a coveted guide to stock market investing success, as it helps beginners enter the trading market at the right time, find their way to success, and trade assets in their own currency to generate a steady stream of income.

As a full-spectrum online investment platform, Trading Mentor is not just limited to Forex trading and investing. The platform’s team of mentors is very diverse and offers various courses and courses on modern investment methods, including crypto investing and mining, stock trading, position trading, swing trading and day trading. Interested students can arrange a free consultation call with any trading mentor on the platform to discuss their goals and target before signing up for an individual trading mentorship program or an upcoming live. business course.

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