Upbit topping Korea Stock or Crypto Trading Platform App


Upbit has proven to be South Korea’s most widely used app for stock or virtual currency transactions, with hit numbers skyrocketing since the start of the year amid a frenzy of crypto investment.

According to WiseApp and Wise Retail, the local tracker for the retail and app industry, Upbit has become the most popular stock or cryptocurrency trading platform with a number of executions reaching 10.2 billion times from January to March.

The number of run times on the platform increased from 200 million in October last year to 1.7 billion in January, 3.7 billion in February and 4.7 billion in March as more and more more investors are rushing to join the crypto train. The number of app users has also increased fivefold, from 460,000 in October to 2.43 million in March.

The Kiwoom Securities stock trading app came in second with the number of times the app was executed reaching 3.7 billion. They are followed by Stockplus with 3.3 billion times, Namuh from NH Investment & Securities 1.8 billion, mPOP from Samsung Securities 1.6 billion, Bithumb 1.1 billion, Korea Investment & Securities 700 million and Investing.com 600 billion.

Stockplus, which came in third place, is a sister service of Upbit under Dunamu.

The total number of users of the country’s top 10 stock and digital currency trading apps after the removal of duplicate user accounts stood at 11.18 million in March.

By Lee Yong-ik and Choi Mira

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